Air Compressors: Simple Tips To Help You Shop Big Time!

Air compressors are very useful devices used to power pneumatic tools like nailers or sanders. If you are planning to buy one, you need to know a bit about it to arrive at a good decision as to which one to really buy. But with all the ones out in the market, it’s easy to get frustrated and end up buying the first one you get your hands in to only to find out that it wasn’t the one you need.

To help you in this delicate task of shopping for an air compressor, here are a few very helpful tips that may just solve the problem.

How does one apply the use of a compressor?

Of course one does not simply go out to buy an air compressor for nothing. You should be clear as to what use or purpose you want your air compressor to เครื่องอัดอากาศ  serve. This is one factor that needs to be taken in to account.

Do you need to use it for high pressure devices?

Do you need it just for home use such as small tools like nailers or small air brushes? What you are intending to use it on is one point consideration that should be on top of your list when planning on buying one.

Minimum requirements

Any tool that you want to use with the air compressor has a specific minimum operating requirement of CFM (Cumbic Feet Per Minute). Think of it this way, the more pneumatic equipment you want to use with the compressor has a certain minimum CFM to function properly, which means your compressor should at least have that much power. If you are planning to use multiple tools with it at once, compute the minimum CFM by adding all the minimum CFM of each tool and add 25% for leaks.

Going mobile or staying put?

Some compressors are small enough to be considered portable ones. These are handy if you want to use it around the house or probably bring it with you and use it someplace else. If you’re thinking of using this on a construction site where you will require it for the use of multiple pneumatic tools, you might as well go for the big ones that sits somewhere it is accessible to all the tools that you are going to use it with.

How much voltage does the compressor require?

You need to know the correct electrical requirements of a compressor before buying one. They usually come in the 115v single phase and 230v three phase.

Standing tank or horizontal?

There are different configurations in an air compressor. You can either get one with a vertical tank or a horizontal one. Whatever the tank orientation would be will not affect any of the performance that is why this really depends on you. The best thing to help you in your choice is to know where you want to place your compressor to know if a vertical or horizontal tank type would fit best.

These are not all the information you need to arm yourself with knowledge in buying an air compressor. There are a lot more sources of information out there that can give you even more valuable information. Search online for more info on air compressors like articles and reviews to get more information and to help you in deciding which one to really get.


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